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Single Dental Implant $1,399.00*


Affordable Dental Implant Treatment

Non-Profit Implant Center

*A non-profit dental implant center helping those that want affordable implant dentistry. Single implant, abutment, and crown is $1,399. Patients must qualify for after 3D CT scan and consultation and will be treated through training program. Dental Hearts has helped thousands of patients regain their smile and afford dental implant treatment. Extensive bone grafting not included.  Extraction and graft are treated at no charge to patient.

 Everyone Deserves to Smile! 




When your dentist refers you for an extraction it is often because the tooth is decaying or broken beyond repair.

sinus lift.png

A sinus lift is a recommended option if you plan to replace an extracted tooth with an implant.


Dental implants are artificial teeth (usually made of titanium) that are surgically placed into the jaw bone to replace missing teeth.


Dental implants are used to stabilize dentures and this has proven to be successful for many people. 

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The All-on-4® treatment concept is a dental implant solution strategically designed for toothless jaws.

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Dental Hearts was started by Dr. Joe Mehranfar and Scott Lauer to help the 400,000+ Arizona veterans and the majority of the population that would benefit from dental implants but cannot afford conventional private practice fees. Through an innovative model, Dental Hearts is able to offer veterans and the underserved a better quality of life with affordable dental implants. Dental Implants restore confidence, allow people to eat most of the foods they enjoy, and allow them to smile again. 


Our patients have told us that they are too embarrassed to smile in their family pictures, or their grandchildren are scared when they are with them because of missing teeth, and not having the confidence to go on a job interview.  One patient was a formerly homeless veteran who turned his life around and is now helping other veterans that are in a similar situation. He works for US Vets Inc and is constantly talking to groups to raise money for his organization but has to cover his mouth due to being embarrassed because of missing teeth. Dental Hearts is able to help him with dental implants and a snap-on overdenture that will restore his self-esteem and allow him to do what he does best. 


At Dental Hearts, we are able to offer patients no fee for extractions, bone grafting, sinus lifts, and dental implant surgery. Patients pay for what goes on top of the implants at a discounted rate. We offer multiple ways to pay and even offer a no-credit-check payment plan to help meet the patient's monthly budget. If you would like to improve your quality of life with dental implants, call Dental Hearts today to take the first step to have the smile you deserve.

About Us

I never thought I would be able to afford implants and dentures, but thanks to dental hearts, I will soon be able to smile again and be able to eat things I haven't been able to eat for many years! This is a life-changing experience for me, thanks to the wonderful, kind, and caring staff at Dental Hearts.

David Farmer

Phoenix, Arizona


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