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Scott Lauer

Direct - Dental Hearts / Partner Implant Education Company

Scott Lauer

Scott Lauer has been in the dental industry for 20 years. Scott was with Brighter Way Institute first as a consultant, and then as Vice President in December of 2018 to grow their dental education program.


He is the founder of Simply Kids Dental Consultants, LLC, which focuses primarily on pediatric and children’s dentists. In the previous six years, he has worked for My Kid’s Dentist® and Every Kid’s Dentist® which is a part of Pacific Dental Service® (PDS).


Scott was Director of Business Development for the Pediatric Dental Business. In this position, Scott was responsible for developing and growing 82 My Kid’s Dentist ® and Every Kid’s Dentist® in 11 states.


Before that, Scott was with Nobel Biocare for ten years as a Regional Manager in the southwest and as a Territory Representative in San Francisco.

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