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Dental Implant Surgery: Reasons Not to Be Nervous

2020 October Blog

Regardless of your age, dental implant surgery may scare you. You’re scared, but you also know that there’s no better option than dental implants. Dental implants rose to popularity among people with missing teeth due to their longevity and realistic appearance.

We’ll embed a titanium post into your jawbone, enabling it to function like your tooth’s root. We’ll insert the second part of the dental implant consisting of a custom dental crown, connecting it to the post. Since titanium has a natural relationship with the bone, it’ll promote the growth of new cells and adhere to them overtime to make the connection durable and strong.

Okay, now, we’re getting why you may feel nervous about the entire procedure.

Our expert dental implant doctor will make the entire procedure a seamless, relaxing, and less nerve-wracking experience. We understand you’re nervous and a little bit scared, but in trained and experienced hands, you’ll have a high success rate and minimal discomfort.

If you’re still feeling nervous, you won’t be after reading this.

We Precisely Plan Your Dental Implant Surgery

It’s a minor procedure because we map out all the placement details ahead of time. If your situation is complex, we’ll perform a 3D CT scan to identify the exact location for each dental implant we plan to insert and design a surgical guide to use during the dental implant surgery to create incisions and a small channel to hold the dental implants in place.

We Can Perform Dental Implant Surgery Using Local Anesthesia

We can use local anesthesia to numb the implant site and surrounding areas while you remain conscious. If you have anxiety, we can discuss giving you a light sedative or an anti-anxiety medication before dental implant surgery.

We Promise You that There’ll Be Minimal Discomfort

Since we use advanced dental implantation methods and a pre-planned surgical guide, there’s little tissue disruption. We also stitch the incised tissues using self-absorbing sutures. Although a few cases may require stronger pain relievers, most only require a mild non-steroidal anti-inflammation drug (NSAID) after the dental implant procedure.

The dental implant site will heal quickly with a 95% to 97% success rate. After a few weeks, we’ll attach the permanent crown, so you can smile confidently for several years. Contact us today, and if you’re nervous and scared, we’ll ensure to make you feel at complete ease.


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